Licensing & Support

Xicon is a Microsoft Partner and can help you to choose the most effective licensing model for your business. There are a number of plans available which are either on subscription (monthly or yearly) or purchase and sectors with different costs. Xicon will make sure that whether you are a corporate, government, academic and charity business, it will ensure that you are properly licensed in a plan which meets your needs for the foreseeable future.
Xicon is also able to support your Microsoft technology with our 24×7 telephone support service.
Xicon is also an Oracle Partner and was in fact one of the first to be enrolled in the UK due to our CEO’s background with the company stretching back to the late 80s.
As a result Xicon is able to assist you with your licensing requirements, navigating the minimum requirements of your platform or Cloud and finding the most cost effective model for your needs whether that be by processor, named users, perpetual or for a term.
Xicon is also able to support your Oracle database technology with our 24×7 telephone support service.
Xicon is also a partner for a wide range of other software products including Citrix and VMware.

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  • Ensure licence compliance
  • Assistance in navigating most cost effective licence model
  • Full licence audit can be carried out
  • Software Asset Management (SAM)


  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Vmware
  • Citrix

Why Xicon

Over 25 years experience

For more than 25 years Xicon has been providing UK organisations with IT solutions that are secure, affordable and adaptable to their needs

No private solution we can’t provide

Our experience in the market has seen us develop solutions for SMEs with 5+ users to large organisations with several thousand

Transparent monthly fee

Xicon offers a fully integrated service with scalability, meaning you only pay for what you need with a tailor made transparent monthly fee that’s good for cashflow and budgeting

Hugely scaleable and flexible

Xicon’s cloud hosting solutions are hugely scalable in terms of capacity and performance. As your business grows, so too does the capacity and capability of your platform – Xicon will work alongside you, ensuring you have all the IT services you need moving forward.

Concentrate on your core business

Relax knowing you won’t waste any time with technical administrative IT tasks

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Let Xicon manage your software assets. We can purchase, install, manage and dispose of your software licences as required.

Cost Saving

We can reduce your costs by ensuring software purchases form part of a strategy that is appropriate to your business.

Pricing on request

Education pricing available
Charity pricing available