Private Virtual Servers

Xicon’s Cloud platform enables you to quickly provision and easily configure Private Virtual Servers (PVS) which you can customise with the exact specification and software installations for the needs of your business right now. Xicon supplements this PaaS with a full suite of managed services.

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  • No need to purchase dedicated server hardware again
  • Inherently address the issues of scalability, availability and disaster recovery
  • Pay for what you use so good for budgeting


  • Provision your servers quickly
  • Choose the server specification to meet your needs
  • Easy to clone
  • Build from templates
  • Hosted in a UK data centre
  • Replicated to a 2nd Uk data centre

Why Xicon

Over 25 years experience

For more than 25 years Xicon has been providing UK organisations with IT solutions that are secure, affordable and adaptable to their needs

Small to large solutions

Our experience in the market has seen us develop solutions for SMEs with 5+ users to large organisations with several thousand. In short, there’s no private solution we can’t provide.

Transparent monthly fee

Xicon offers a fully integrated service with scalability, meaning you only pay for what you need with a tailor made transparent monthly fee that’s good for cashflow and budgeting.

Concentrate on your core business

Relax knowing you won’t waste any time with technical administrative IT tasks

Hugely scalable and flexible

Xicon’s cloud hosting solutions are hugely scalable in terms of capacity and performance. As your business grows, so too does the capacity and capability of your platform – Xicon will work alongside you, ensuring you have all the IT services you need moving forward.

Hybrid Solutions

Xicon can mix its Cloud solutions with your own on-premise IT so that you can maximise your existing investments and take advantage of the latest Cloud initiatives.

One Number to Call

Xicon is able to offer a coordination service with your existing suppliers of services so that you have one number to call for all of your Cloud Hosting needs.

“Xicon were able to migrate 14 offices and over 200 staff from our existing solution to their Cloud platform over a long weekend. We were extremely grateful as our existing solution was about to fail. We get a monthly report showing their performance with guidance covering our future strategy.”

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From £47 per server per month (ex VAT)

Education pricing available
Termination costs apply
Minimum contract period: 1 Year
Trial & free options available