Backup as a Service

Xicon’s Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) has a number of options for getting your valuable data offsite and to our data centres. The backup process can either continue to use your existing software such as Backup Exec or NetBackup or Xicon can provide software licenses as part of the service.
Data is backed up either as complete Virtual Machines (VMs), or as databases as in the case of Exchange, SQL or Oracle or as unstructured files. The target will either be directly to Xicon’s Cloud servers, hosted in the UK or to an appliance which is provided by Xicon which is hosted by you. The appliance replicates the data offsite to the Xicon Cloud servers.
If you only use Xicon’s Cloud servers, your backups are replicated between data centres so that there are always two copies of your backups. Retention periods are typically daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. And your backups can be protected from tampering and can be encrypted

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  • No need to purchase dedicated hardware
  • Recovery time objectives can be tailored to meet your budget
  • Addresses disaster recovery requirements
  • Dedicated skills available to restore data on demand
  • Keep your valuable data safe


  • Monthly fee based on storage requirements
  • Software licences can be included
  • Replication available
  • Retention period to suit
  • Local backup or offsite
  • Restore on demand

Why Xicon

Over 25 years experience

For more than 25 years Xicon has been providing UK organisations with IT solutions that are secure, affordable and adaptable to their needs

No private solution we can’t provide

Our experience in the market has seen us develop solutions for SMEs with 5+ users to large organisations with several thousand

Transparent monthly fee

Xicon offers a fully integrated service with scalability, meaning you only pay for what you need with a tailor made transparent monthly fee that’s good for cashflow and budgeting

Hugely scaleable and flexible

Xicon’s cloud hosting solutions are hugely scalable in terms of capacity and performance. As your business grows, so too does the capacity and capability of your platform – Xicon will work alongside you, ensuring you have all the IT services you need moving forward.

Concentrate on your core business

Relax knowing you won’t waste any time with technical administrative IT tasks

Top Solution

Xicon can provide a backup as a service enabling you to focus on your business in the knowledge that your data and systems are being backed up to a UK data centre.

Another Solution

Balance your recovery time objectives with the budgets you have available and address your requirements to perform a scheduled recovery as part of your disaster recovery strategy.

Pricing on request

Education pricing available
Minimum contract period: 1 Year
Trial & free options available