Outsourcing IT Support Services

Xicon’s outsourcing support services come with the following aims and guarantees.

  • To improve your current level of systems availability and performance
  • To reduce your current support costs substantially


Outsourcing non-core business activities to third party organizations that have the reputation, capacity and expertise to deliver business services is both the most cost effective and best practice way to run a successful business. Outsourcing may involve the transfer of staff from the company to the service provider but this does not always have to be the case. In the realm of IT, due to the diversity of technology, systems and applications, there are very few organizations that have the depth of experience and knowledge to be able to competently support every aspect of any organizations IT infrastructure.


There have been many well-publicized cases in recent years where the outsourcing of the entire IT function to one of the larger service providers or management consultancies has not delivered the ROI or quality of service that was expected. Problems with the working of these outsourced services have included an unwillingness by the contractor to provide any flexibility to the services without the customer incurring substantial additional costs. In addition, the duration of such contracts was often over several years, longer than the life of many of the IT systems that were in place at the outset with the contract not catering for the technological advancements expected during the contract term.

At the end of the day the outsourcing process needs to be a win for both the customer and the contractor. The customer should get the new systems it needs, changes to existing systems and services to the levels expected at an acceptable price allowing for service level changes, whilst the contractor should be able to generate reasonable profits.


Various areas of IT should be monitored and maintained in a proactive way to guarantee the availability and performance of the business critical applications on which they depend. That is why so many organisations have adopted a successful strategy of selective outsourcing key islands of technology to acknowledged experts like Xicon without transferring their staff.

Xicon’s view is that “Prevention is Better than Cure” and that selective outsourcing support for a technology, to a company specialising in that technology will deliver measurable business and operational advantages.

Over the coming years as your business changes, you need a partner that can also offer a road map to more comprehensive services and architecture advice.


Xicon Cloud

Xicon was founded in 1991 as a systems integrator and IT solutions company. Our objective is to become our customers’ strategic technology partner by providing a total solution to maximise their business advantage. We do this through exceptional service delivery and quality, which is only possible due to the to the high quality of people we employ and the culture in which we operate.

Below are just some of the reasons why our customers have chosen Xicon.

The right size of supplier – Small enough to care but big and experienced enough to deliver. “Your business is important to Xicon – we cannot afford to fail to deliver to your expectations”. Many of its clients are not happy receiving consultancy and services from suppliers who are so big that they put little significance on the success of a project, or so small (such as contractors) where continuity beyond the current assignment cannot be guaranteed.

People – Xicon is a people business and it is both the technical and interpersonal skills of its staff, which have been the driving force behind the Company’s growth and stability. There is a “Xiconian culture” which has been passed on from generation to generation since the Company’s formation. The Company knows what is required from both current and future staff and its recruitment process is carefully geared to only recruit people with the right skills both technical and interpersonal. Employees are continuously monitored and trained. This process ensures that the Company consists of a range of people from all levels and disciplines which ensure that it always has the right skills available in house to solve any issues which may arise with a Customer.

Cost effective – Xicon’s size and “lean” structure with little unnecessary management layers means that the overheads are lower than many of the competition who can operate in this space. Xicon has a stated policy to pass these savings on to its clients, ultimately lowering the cost of its engagements.

Strategic Business Experience – Having over ten years of specific experience in the provision of IT solutions, Xicon have engaged with all major sectors and client types allowing the provision of much more than simple technology consultancy. The Company has a number of experienced consultants who do not just have an excellent technical background, but who also have sound business knowledge and experience and can give impartial bespoke advice and assistance up to Board level. They all have a proven track record in accurately assessing the needs of a Customer. They can give appropriate strategic presentations and produce detailed feasibility and proposal documentation. This can prove invaluable to those who have many key decisions to make on a day-to-day basis thereby saving the Customer both time and money.

Flexibility – Through its size, structure and experience, Xicon is able to respond to and complete projects competently and within agreed timescales.

Transfer of skills – Xicon appreciates that most clients want to become self-sufficient in many areas of support and development. Through formal training courses, informal workshop sessions and mentoring, Xicon can make our clients self-sufficient within the timescales that they prefer.

Support – Following completion of a project or through your strategy to outsource the management of your systems and applications, Xicon can put together a tailored support offering that ensures that the most appropriately skilled Xicon staff are available to support your staff and systems to your required SLAs.

Long-term solution – Xicon understands that every business has a reluctance to chop and change its suppliers. To reflect the investment that Xicon and its Customers put into the working relationship, Xicon always looks to maximise the duration of the partnership through the recommendation of appropriate technology choices and strategies.

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